Preparing Primary Teachers to Lead Inclusive Learning


Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

PRETTi dissemination conference held in Bratislava

ZS Dubova, Bratislava organized the conference which aimed to disseminate the idea of the project and introduce the philosophy of the inclusive education through the eyes of the invited professionals, the teachers and the management of the hosting school.

The event was held on April, 24th, 2018 and the hosted professionals from the field were PhDr. Eva Smíkova, PhD. and doc. PhD.  Vladimir Dočkal CSc.  from The Research Institute for Child Psychology and Pathopsychology (VUDPaP) and prof. PhDr. Marta Horňáková PhD. from Masaryk University Bratislava. 

The topic was developed into a fruitful discussion of how to lead an inclusive education, what is the methodology and the aspects of this method, how the process in the class is introduced in the PRETTi Handbook and what is the experience with it in the school ZS Dubova. 

PRETTi’s Joint Staff Training in Spain, hosted by University of Cordoba

During the 5-day training the participating organizations taught teachers from the two partner schools how to train other (external to the consortium) teachers on applying the PRETTi Handbook and achieved so-called “domino effect”

From 4th to 8th of March 2018, University of Cordoba, Spain held a meeting of the Erasmus+ project Primary teachers to lead inclusive learning (PReTTi). Participants from NART – Bulgaria, RAABE Bulgaria, SU ‘Vasil Kanchov” - Vratsa, University of Bucharest, University of Cordoba, VÚDPaP – Slovakia, Základná škola Dubová – Bratislava took part in the event.  

The training was divided into two major sessions, following the structure of PRETTi Handbook:

PRETTi Dissemination conference in September

An international conference ends the two-year project

The final dissemination conference „Preparing primary teachers to lead inclusive learning“ will take place on September,28, 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The aim of the conference is to get together primary school teachers, headmasters, national authorities’ representatives and other relevant stakeholders.

During the conference the results of the project and the PRETTi Handbook will be presented before all the stakeholders. The conference will be with an international scope with at least 100 local and 50 foreign participants.