A final international PRETTi conference was held

On 28.09.2018 a final international conference on the PRETTi project "Preparing Primary Teachers to Lead Inclusive Learning", funded by the Erasmus + program, took place at Park Hotel Moscow.

More than 100 guests,  including 20 foreigners, took part in the conference, during which the activities and results of the PRETTi project, the models of inclusive education in different European countries, good practices for an inclusive and accessible for all children learning environment were presented.

The conference started with a welcome speech from NART’s  Chairman Kaloyan Damianov and his presentation on "Inclusive Education for Preschool Students", which included a number of practical examples and videos on how to organize the learning environment so to be inclusive and accessible to all children. Mrs. Nadezhda Tzvetkova, Manager of RAABE Bulgaria, then presented the contents and objectives of the project. The results of the project as well as the detailed content of the PRETTi Handbook, developed within the framework of the project, were presented by Dr. Emanuela Stoilova, an expert from the Ministry of Education and Science and one of the representatives of the NART involved in its creation. At the end of the first session of the conference, NART volunteers from Spain, France and Turkey presented the model of inclusive education in their countries.

After lunch, the forum continued with the participation of Romanian partners through Dr. Elena Marin, who presented the experience of the University of Bucharest in the preparation of teachers for inclusive education as well as various models for the preparation of students from the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences at the University of Bucharest.

Professor Tony Chelharova from the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences took part in the conference with a presentation on "Digital Resources for Inclusive Education" and shared with the participants innovative ways of learning as well as many practical tools that could help the work of teachers and specialists in the inclusion of children with special educational needs.

Interesting practical ideas were received by all present pedagogical specialists from the presentation of Anna Dincheva, a sensory therapist from the NART team. She showcased a presentation on "Motor Development and Learning".

The forum ended with the presentation of good practices by "Dubova" Primary School in Slovakia. In this school for 5 years, teachers have implemented an innovative model for inclusive school, which is also laid down in the Handbook created by the project.