PRETTi’s Joint Staff Training in Spain, hosted by University of Cordoba

PRETTi’s Joint Staff Training in Spain, hosted by University of Cordoba

During the 5-day training the participating organizations taught teachers from the two partner schools how to train other (external to the consortium) teachers on applying the PRETTi Handbook and achieved so-called “domino effect”

From 4th to 8th of March 2018, University of Cordoba, Spain held a meeting of the Erasmus+ project Primary teachers to lead inclusive learning (PReTTi). Participants from NART – Bulgaria, RAABE Bulgaria, SU ‘Vasil Kanchov” - Vratsa, University of Bucharest, University of Cordoba, VÚDPaP – Slovakia, Základná škola Dubová – Bratislava took part in the event.  

The training was divided into two major sessions, following the structure of PRETTi Handbook:

First session or the theoretical part started with a general presentation on the contents of the handbook and how to work with it. During this part an overview of the content of the handbook was made alongside with argumentation on how it might be utilized in the everyday classroom. The next two sessions were focused on early identification of learning difficulties. They were led by representatives of the University of Bucharest and the University of Cordoba. They focused on the participants’ practical skills and competences in the field of early identification of learning difficulties which need to include subject knowledge, pedagogical skills, the capacity to work effectively with a wide range of children and colleagues. The next session, dealing with School policies and strategies for inclusive education was introduced by VUDPaP Slovakia, University of Cordoba and NART and provided  additional information. This session informed the participants on how to work and cooperate with parents, resource teachers, school principals and SEN specialists, when they identify a learning difficulty in class.

The practical part consisted of workshops, presented by NART and Základná škola Dubová. It provided primary school teachers with a set of exercises, which can be used for identification of learning difficulties in the classroom and practical methods to manage a diverse classroom.

Participants also had the chance to gain first-hand knowledge about inclusive education practices at primary school “La Piedad” in Cordoba and the work of the local Education Association “Maximes”. During the session faculty members of the Inclusive Education department at the University of Cordoba also showcased presentations.

During the event the participants from RAABE Bulgaria presented the main dissemination project activities and detailed information about future planned events for project product’s dissemination.