Research Institute for Child Psychology and Patopsychology (VÚDPaP)

VÚDPaP was established by the resolution of the Chair of the Slovak National Parliament on November 26, 1963, which took force on January 1, 1964.  The Institute had its competency for the whole territory of the former Czechoslovakia until the end of 1992.
Among the tasks of the first VÚDPaP's by laws are:

  • research of formation of child mentality and research of social determination of this process;
  • research of mental development of disabled children and of children with learning and behaviour disorders;
  • elaboration of basic theoretical issues of psychological educational care for children and youth; and professional management of Psychological Educational (Guidance) Clinic in Bratislava;
  • concentration of scientific information from the area of child psychology, pathopsychology and social pathology;
  • development, verification and standardization of psycho-diagnostic methodologies.

Since 1966, VÚDPaP has continuously published the professional journal Psychology and Pathopsychology of the Child.

Since 1991 VÚDPaP has been included in the grant system of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic and of SAV (Slovak Academy of Sciences) within the scope of which it belongs to the most successful psychological workplaces. Until 2005, the Institute solved 27 projects and presently it solves 3 projects, which are approved by the Scientific Grant Agency.

Practical activities are offered by our Child Centre, which provides counseling and other services to children in need and their families. First, these are children with various disabilities, but also children with learning disabilities, behavioral problems with special education needs, but also gifted children.
As a part of the Institute we run an experimental kindergarten - Integrated group of preschool education, which consists of a mixed group of children aged three years old and above.

We have extensive experience with the development of methodical manuals for assessment and intervention for children with disabilities and from disadvantaged environments. We have participated on many international projects - last project was focused on development of. Comprehensive Guidance System of the Prevention and Influencing of the Socio-pathological Phenomenon in the School Environment /2013-2015/. The project aims to support social inclusion of pupils with special educational needs (SEN) through enabling them to develop skills needed on the labour market and to support further education of people and experts working with pupils with special educational needs.